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Responsible for the receival of cases/exhibits that are submitted to the Institute for forensic examination.

The Institute of Forensic Science & Legal Medicine (IFSLM) receives and examines evidence submitted by the law enforcement officers for the purpose of conducting forensic examination and analyses. The acceptance of evidence from other entities will be determined by compliance with IFSLM submission policies. ​

Case Receival Unit is responsible for the effective management and administration of all cases/exhibits that are submitted, based on the established guidelines, policies and procedures of the laboratory.

Services offered

  1. Receiving and processing of evidentiary material(s) submitted to all IFSLM departments and to determine the usefulness of these evidentiary items by careful screening.

  2. Ensure that items submitted follow the acceptance guidelines and protocols of the IFSLM.

  3. Advise Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), Jamaica Defense Force (JDF) and INDECOM personnel on the protocols and guidelines for acceptance, collection, handling and storage of evidence.

  4. Produces monthly reports of evidence submitted to the laboratory.


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